Matt is getting a new chair!!!!

The first chair Matt received was a tilt and space. It was awesome and perfectly suited for Matt’s needs. Chairs like this are made for individuals with limited to no movement and allow it to be tilted to release pressure from sitting all day.

When we got his tilt and space chair 2 years ago we assumed Matt would need it forever as he was “never going to wake up.” As you know, he did wake up and continues to defy odds daily! We donated his chair to the Rehab Institute at Memorial University Medical Center where he received his inpatient Acute Rehab.

Since then we have gotten by with borrowing chairs and buying used chairs made to fit other individuals. The chair he is in now is far too large for him and no longer meets his needs. We would love to donate it to someone or another facility so it can be used to its full potential!

Matt is so close to walking independently, however even if he starts walking tomorrow it will take some time until he is walking exclusively, especially in large crowds or long distances for long periods of time. He needs a chair that fits him perfectly. One that is designed with his exact measurements and his current mobility in mind. He gets in and out of his chair, stands from it, picks it up, it needs to be made just for him!

With that said, last month we met with a physical therapist and medical equipment distributor to get Matt measured for a new chair. One just for him! Medicare only covers 80% so that’s where you all come in. We need help covering the extra 20%. Which comes to roughly $600.00. The chair will hopefully be here within 2 weeks and we would need to pay for our portion then.

We know that God will provide and the outcome of this need will only go to further His glory through our lives.

Please pray that this need is met.
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We thank God and you in advance!