God Moves Things

You don’t have to believe in God to understand what I’m saying here. For me God is real and he is moving things in our lives. For starters we received an amazing invitation and gift from a family member and Matt and I, along with my mother and sister, will be receiving care to better our health. That started Monday.

Today we received a financial gift from a ministry blessed with the means to bless others. Right when we were down to less than our last dime…$18 less to be exact.

Tomorrow Matt will get the chair that you all gave to him. You have given him us a gift. Without your donations this would not be possible.

God Moves Things.

The miracle performed in Matt’s life has reached the entire nation. The world even. Seriously, I know people in other countries hearing about the miracle God performed.

Before Matt’s mother passed away she ordered a Nike fuel band watch for him. He received it in December and has been in constant communication with the people at Nike+ ever since. He emails them about the smallest things and they have formed a relationship via email. So much so that they took it upon themselves to look him up after Matt told them about his website. The people in the office started visiting this facebook page and wanted to give him, us, a gift. They sent a fuel band for me. The email said they were moved by his story and wanted to do something nice for his wife to show their support!

I cried! Not because of the gift but because someone read it and someone moved. God moved them whether they knew it was happening or not. They blessed us. They blessed me.

So many people have read Matt’s story.
So many people know about the hopelessness we were given in the ICU.
So many people saw the love and devotion I had for my brand new husband.
So many people watched us change the face of marriage in a time where the divorce rate is over 50%.
So many people witnessed the grueling day in, day out struggle to keep going and do what almost no one in the medical field thought was possible.
So many people watched as GOD gave life back to Matt’s body and awoke his mind to bring his miracle to the world.