July 11, 2011. It’s crazy how just the sound of something can make you sick. It’s more than a month, a day, a year, more

God Moves Things

You don’t have to believe in God to understand what I’m saying here. For me God is real and he is moving things in our

An Epic Love Story

I love my husband. People die for this kind of love. People stay alive for this kind of love. When I sit and think about

February 12, 2014

Matt’s mother passed away today surrounded by family and friends with Matt holding one hand and her sister holding the other. Judy is a saved

I love him

So happy I get to curl up to those two every night! We had a great day together. We played in the yard with SoCo,

Something new

Matt got a slant board for Christmas! Now he can stand in the door frame where the grab bars were just installed and stretch his calves