Another New Adventure, They Should Make Badges For This

Hey guys! With the news that we have exhausted our funds for Beyond Therapy I have done some praying. Yes, God gifted me with a quick brain to solve problems efficiently, perfect for times like these. After some thought we have decided it would be best to take control of Matt’s physical recovery ourselves. It makes financial sense and it allows us to contend with our own schedule and make changes where needed. Fortunately for us, I have been involved in Matt’s therapy from the beginning and know we are capable of doing this together.

It will be more difficult for me, as the responsibility again falls to me and I know stress and challenges lay ahead so please pray for me.

The new plan: I work 4 days a week with the bulk of the day off while the kids are in school. Those days will be therapy days. We are joining the YMCA nearby for their gym and 2 swimming pools, outdoor & indoor! Hopefully, we will be able to get a scholarship for our membership. We’ll spend 2 hours/4 days a week in “therapy.” The first hour will be stretching and strengthening, the second will be walking. I will keep in contact with everyone from Shepherd’s if I have any questions or concerns, I know they will not leave us hanging. I will be scheduling massages for Matt to loosen his back muscles, right now it is basically one big giant knot.

Rather than spending all of our extra money trying to scrape up hours for therapy we are going to do our best to continue living life AND making progress in Matt’s recovery. I believe in Total Restoration. God is not done here. This is not a set back, just a way to show worldly limitations are no match for God’s plan.

If you have already made donations to Help Hope Live, THANK YOU! We will use that to pay off the remaining balance at Beyond Therapy and closing the account.

If you would still like to donate to the cost of the YMCA, exercise equipment, extra exercise classes, massages, Matt’s birthday present, or just because we would be eternally grateful and we can definitely use it!

Most of you prefer to give the money directly to us anyway so future financial donations should be made out to me and can be sent directly to us. I will be posting a PO BOX later today or tomorrow.

*Please do not make checks out to Matt. He receives Social Security Disability and any additional money received counts as income and will be taken out of his monthly check*

We are so grateful for all of your support and love throughout this adventure. We are not done yet.
Matt will continue to progress until he is fully restored!